Ep 110 Worship - Holy Trinity Sunday Virtual Worship, May 30

May 30, 2021 Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, Bellingham, WA Episode 110
Ep 110 Worship - Holy Trinity Sunday Virtual Worship, May 30
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This is the virtual worship service on Holy Trinity Sunday, May 30, 2021, at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church in Bellingham, Washington. The Gospel reading is from the Gospel of John.

Despite the pandemic, the work of the church continues.  Here are a few ways that the church remains thriving at Christ the Servant:

  1. We have a Sunday morning Zoom group, who listens to this podcast and shares fellowship and prayers together and may celebrate communion together.
  2. We have Sunday Morning on the Church Porch - an outdoor worship including scripture, prayer and communion.  9:30 am.
  3. We have YouTube and Facebook educational opportunities from Pastor Eric that happen throughout the week.
  4. We have youth events that are ever evolving!
  5. We have a Friday Morning breakfast fellowship on Zoom - sometimes live at Boulevard Park, weather allowing...
  6. We have a ministry team called Deep Waters, which is dedicated to helping install clean water systems to communities in Honduras.
  7. We are part of the Family Promise program, striving to help homeless families regain equilibrium.
  8. We have an active Justice Seekers ministry team, dedicated to achieving a more just society and church.

Find out more - go to our web page or send us an e-mail.

Welcome, Confession & Forgiveness
Hymn: Holy Holy Holy, ELW #413
Greeting, Prayer
Reading: Isaiah 6:1-8
Psalm 29
Reading: Romans 8:12-17
Gospel Acclamation
Gospel Reading: John 3:1-17
Hymn: Holy God, We Praise Your Name, ELW #414
Creed & Prayers
Prayer closing
Lord's Prayer & Blessing
Hymn: Come, Join The Dance of the Trinity, ELW #412