Ep 153b - Special Announcement

April 09, 2022 Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, Bellingham, WA Episode 153
Ep 153b - Special Announcement
Show Notes

Hello, everyone and welcome to ServantCast, the podcast outreach of Christ the Servant Lutheran Church in Bellingham, Washington.  I’m Doug, and in this special quick episode today, we need to talk through some big changes that are happening with CTS and with this podcast.

First, if you don’t know, Pastor Eric Finsand, who has been at CTS for almost 14 years, has accepted a new call in Nebraska.  His final Sunday with us in Bellingham will be Easter Sunday, and he will begin his new call at Southwood Lutheran Church in Lincoln, Nebraska on May 1.  We wish Eric and Chris nothing but the best in this transition into their new season.

What does this mean for Christ the Servant?  For a few weeks after Easter, we will have guest pastors preaching on Sunday mornings.  Eventually, the plan will likely allow for an interim pastor who will be with us for several months to help guide us through this transition.  The congregation, with the guidance of the Synod office, will be going through a process that will eventually result in a call for a permanent pastor.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  We’re talking about the podcast here.  What changes will be happening to ServantCast?  First, the next two weeks are Palm Sunday and Easter.  We will not be offering our traditional pre-recorded podcast that you’ve come to expect, as the music and structure of the services are quite different than we’re used to.  What we will do is post the audio of the live services here in podcast format.  They will be available as soon as we can put it together, but that may be late Sunday or on Monday sometime.  If you want your service on Sunday, you are welcome to watch the service on our live-stream video feed, which you can find on either the CTS Facebook page or on the CTS web site, which is

After Pastor Eric leaves, we will have guest pastors for a few weeks, and they will not be pre-recording the audio for this podcast.  And when we get an interim pastor, there is no guarantee that they will be expected to do a pre-recorded church service each week as we’ve been doing.

So, here is the immediate plan.  Beginning this week, Palm Sunday, the podcast will consist of a recording of the live worship service.  When the service is over, we will take the audio from the service and put it into podcast format and offer it up here where you always get it.  The big tradeoff, as I see it, is that we will no longer be able to have the podcast available first thing Sunday morning.  It will take some time to gather the audio and put it into the podcast structure.  I’m guessing it may take until Monday many weeks, even Tuesday.  I don’t see an easier or more obvious way to do this, so, for now, that’s the plan for the immediate future.

If you like your church service on Sunday, please know that we’ve been offering a video live-stream of our in-person worship services, and we intend to continue offering and refining that option.  You can watch this live at 9:30 on Sunday mornings, or you can watch a recording of it later as well.  You can access it through the CTS web pageboy going to  From there, click on the “worship” tab, then click the link to the livestream.

We’ll see how workable all of this is.  Will we resume pre-recorded podcasts when we get an interim pastor? Are you, our listeners, interested in continuing with a new format that arrives late on Sunday or on Monday?  Let’s give it a try and see how it goes.

So as a reminder, we’ll have this week’s podcast, for Palm Sunday, available by Monday right here in your Podcast feed.  And that’s how it will work for the next several weeks.

So let us know what you think about all of this.  Send an e-mai

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